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Corporate Governance

Anton Mari Lim.jpg

Anton Mari Lim

Chairman and President

Dr. Anton Mari Lim is a highly accomplished veterinarian, entrepreneur, and community development advocate. In addition to running a private veterinary practice in Zamboanga City and fulfilling his management roles at Splice Business Solutions Co. Ltd., Waltac Bio-Ventures and other enterprises, Dr. Lim has dedicated over 30 years of his life to charitable activities. He is the Co-founder, President and CEO of The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation Inc., leading the implementation of various educational programs in more than 265 schools and communities in the Philippines. 

Josh Mahinay_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Josh Mahinay


Josh Mahinay is an entrepreneur and community development advocate who founded Beagiver Ventures Inc., a social entrepreneurship venture that helps impoverished school children and their families through its education and economic initiatives. He is also on the board of Yellow Boat of Hope USA, Filinvestor International Foundation, and is a Managing Partner at Splice Business Solutions Co. Ltd.


Nixon Go


Nixon Go is a second-generation entrepreneur who leads the diversified BG Group of Companies based in Zamboanga City. He is currently the President of BG Investment and Realty Corporation, which is engaged in construction and commercial and industrial property leasing. He also holds the title of Director at the Garden Orchid Hotel and Resorts Corporation, Hospital de Zamboanga, Zamboanga City Rural Bank, and President of Zamboanga Agri-farm Products Incorporated and Premium Gases Corporation.


Dalareich Polot

VP for Community

Dalareich Polot is a multi-awarded entrepreneur, chocolate maker, and community development worker and advocate in the Philippines. She has been dubbed as "Bohol's Chocolate Princess" by the Philippine media. As the founder of Ginto Fine Chocolates and co-founder of the internationally renowned Dalareich Chocolate House in Bohol, she is passionate about her other advocacies, which include social entrepreneurship, sustainable agriculture, cacao farming, community-based tourism, and women empowerment.

Raul Luis Manaligod.jpg

Raul Luis Manaligod


Raul Luis D. Manaligod works as the President and CEO of the DBP Service Corporation. He is,  concurrently, the President of the Security Services, Inc., DBPSC Management and Consultancy,  Inc.,DBPSC Insurance, Inc., and the Our Lady of the Visitation of Guibang Foundation. He sits at the  Board of Directors of 5 companies; the DBP Service Corporation, the DBPSC-MCI, the DBPSC  Insurance Company, Triple H Corporation, and the Security Services, Inc.

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